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Call Me By Your Name Pdf Free Download Just in One Click

Call me by your name is a very famous novel written by an American author André Aciman published in 2007. The complete story of call me by your name novel is focused on a romantic relationship between 24-year-old American Jewish scholar named Oliver and curious 17-year-old American-Italian Jewish boy named Elio Perlman.


Short Summary of Call Me By Your Name Pdf Book

It is the summer of 1983, Elia a seventeen-year-old Jewish American lives with his parents in rural northern Italy. Elia's father is a professor of archaeology invites a 24-year old graduate student Oliver who is also a Jewish American.

To live with the family over the summer and help with his academic paperwork, Elia an introspective bibliophile and a talented musician, initially thinks he has little in common with Oliver who has a carefree and exuberant personality.

Elio resents having to give up his bedroom to Oliver for the duration of his stay. He spends much of the summer reading playing Tiana and hanging out with his girlfriend Marcia.

Meanwhile, Oliver admits being attracted to one of the local girls. Elio and Oliver swim together to go for long walks into town and Elio's father is on an archaeological trip.

Elio begins a sexual relationship with Marcia and brags about it in front of Oliver to gauge his reaction. Nonetheless finds himself increasingly attracted to him during a trip to the local post office.

Elio indirectly confesses his feelings to Oliver, who tells him he should not act on him later that day.

Oliver is reluctant to go any further. They grow distant in response to a note from Helia.

Oliver leaves a message on his desk suggesting they meet at midnight. Elio spends the day with Marcia but longs to see Oliver at midnight.

He approaches Oliver and they become more physically and emotionally intimate in the days that follow frequently having a sexual relationship.

While still keeping their relationship secret in bed Oliver commands Elia call me by your name and I'll call you by mine. Now completely smitten with Oliver Elio starts avoiding.

Marcia as the end of Oliver's stay approaches he and Elio both find themselves overcome by uncertainty.

Elio's parents who are privately aware of the bond between the two but do not address it openly. He and Oliver visit Bergamo together before Oliver returns home to the US they spend three romantic days together.


Elio's heartbroken after Oliver's departure calls his mother and asks her to pick him up from the train station and take him home.

Marzia is sympathetic to Leo's feelings and says she wants to remain friends.

Elio's father observing his deep sadness and tells him he was aware of his relationship with Oliver and confesses to almost having had a similar relationship in his youth.

He urges Elia to learn from his grief and growth instead of just moving on too quickly during Chanukah.

Oliver calls the helios family to tell them he is engaged to be married. He tells Elia to remembers everything very clearly.

After the call, Elio stares into a fireplace crying and reminiscing as his parents and the house staff prepare a holiday dinner.

Call me by your name [pdf] popularity and other details

Call me by your name pdf was published in 2007 and its audiobook was also published in 2017 by Macmillan publishers.

Call me by your name novel has been awarded at the 20th Lambda Literary Awards for Gay Fiction.

Author of this novel

Call me by your name novel is written by Andre Aciman who is an Italian-American writer born in Alexandria, Egypt. He is awarded by Whiting Award in 1995 and Lambda Literary Award in 2007. His many novels, fiction and non-fiction books are published. His popular books are call me by your name, out of Egypt and Eight White Nights. 



Technical Details of call me by your name pdf download

Name of the book: Call me by your name

Andre Aciman

Book Genre: Fiction

File Format of the Book: PDF

Size of pdf: 946 KB

Total Pages: 324

Language: English


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